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In 2018, we started a youth group on the property of the House of Hope. It is led by our Haitian Director, Eduard . The group began with about 15 teenagers and young adults with the purpose of teaching them through Bible study how to spread the gospel and lead in their community. Attendance has since grown into an average of 65 young adults. These young Haitians meet each Sunday afternoon to worship, study the Word, share, and fellowship. To see the future of Haiti, come together, in Christ, is a blessing for the Kingdom and for our community in Haiti.

Patti’s School, is an elementary school, on site, for Kindergarten through 6th grade students. It is offered not only to the girls living at the House of Hope, but to children in our surrounding community. Basic education is not easily obtained in Haiti because many cannot afford to send all or any of their kids to school. The purpose of Patti’s school is to offer a good education using the country’s sponsored curriculum at a price the community can afford. Classes are taught by Christian teachers who put the children’s needs first.  Having an education, even only through 6th grade, is a great advantage to the children in Haiti for their future.

The Pitch is a soccer field built on the House of Hope property. We provide a safe, friendly, and fun environment for community youth to play the game they love. Through this program, we are able to build relationships with teenage boys throughout the community, present them with the gospel, and teach them what it means to be a man in Christ.  Through weekly devotions with the players we have been blessed to have baptized 10+ into the Kingdom. We are also able to connect with their families, and assist them with the hardships that Haiti can bring. All this happens, through a shared love of God and the game of soccer.

George Shinn Clinic

In 2011, we partnered with the George Shinn Foundation, and constructed a clinic to provide basic health and dental checkups and treatment. Many Haitians go without the most basic medicines, vitamins, and treatments.  Many suffer and sometimes die due to lack of basic health care for very treatable sicknesses and diseases. Through this ministry, we are able to send doctors and dentists to the George Shinn Clinic 6-8 times a year to do health checkups and dental work, as well as provide antibiotics, vitamins and other medications that can help improve quality of life. In some instances, these doctors have been able to detect life threatening illness that would have otherwise been undiagnosed. We have been able to secure needed treatments off-site. The love of Christ is on display during these trips, as people come face to face, and share in the love of Christ together. 

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